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NCL Series
High performance Steel Bar/Part Turning Center

ARIX CNC Turning centers include the most innovative designs as the mineral stone filled base for high damping capacity, symmetrical ribs design for stability and rigidity, large headstock casting with a two pieces design for easy alignment; optional embedded chip conveyor that gives best sealing and efficient chip removal. The NN type bearings spindle design guarantees the best performance turning.

Machines Features:
1. Interchangeable collets chuck and jaw chuck for different parts operation.
2. Standard gantry type turret provides the most fast and efficient turning.
3. Optional servo turret provides more flexible and faster tool change arrangement.
4. Mineral stone base generates the super finish surface and longer tool life.
5. Powerful vector torque motor option let the power up 10HP.
6. High rigid spindle head unit can bear the spindle up to 60mm capacity.
7. The linear guides up to 30mm and 25mm ball screws guarantee the long-term rigidity and accuracy.
8. Coolant through drill option provides efficient and smooth drilling.

The Jaw chuck with gantry turret:
The Jaw chuck of 5” and 6” optional give the cutting range more flexible.
The optional servo turret gives a accurate and speedy tool change. The combination of servo turret and gantry turret.
The coolant through drill option cuts the good finish holes. The mineral stone base absorbs all the cutting vibration and generate super finish surface. The large symmetrical head stock can bear bigger spindle up to 60mm capacity.