CNC turning and milling complex lathe | i-42 Robo

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i-42 Robo

This 4 axis lathe with C-axis and live tooling
provides the added advantage of robotic loading for
unmanned chucking operations

This machine is a modified version of the IT-42 with internal integration of a Mitsubishi 6 axis articulated robot. This requires no additional floor space, and is positioned so it will not hinder the machine operator while setting the machine, or operating the Mitsubishi M70 control system.


Complimenting the standard IT-42 lathe, is a fully integrated high speed, high precision 6 axis robot.

This intelligent robot has a total of 88 programs, and can easily maneuver around tooling and other obstacles within the work area.

It can handle work pieces of up to 6kg, and is ideal for billets, castings and forgings.

Axial view

i-42 Robo


The machine is equipped with high precision, HIWIN linear guideways. The use of 35mm rails throughout the machine increases stability and accuracy, and allows heavier cuts to be achieved.


The cartridge type spindle runs on P4 high precision bearings giving high radial and axial stability, allowing for heavy duty cutting.

The spindle is assembled and tested in a temperature controlled clean room, sealed, and requires no maintenance. The spindle housing is large, and symmetrically ribbed to allow heat dissipation and thermal stability.


i-42 Robo


Mitsubishi Controller M70
Spindle Capacity Max. Bar Working Dia 42.0mm/60.0mm (option) Mitsubishi Motor Main-spindle AC Spindle 7.5kw/11.0kw(option)
Spindle Max. Turning Length 200.0 mm X/Z axis spindle AC Servo 1.0kw
Spindle Collet Chuck Type KK5-173E42B/KK6-185E60B(option)
Spindle Nose ISO(DIN) A2-5/ A2-6
Spindle Bore 44.0/62.0mm(option) Motorized Tool AC Servo 1.0kw/1.5kw (option)
Spindle Speed Range 3000 rpm/4000 rpm(4000 rpm/6000 rpm option) Hydraulic System Hydraulic Motor 0.75 kw
C Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.001° Max. Pressure 50 kg/cm2
Travel & Feed X/Y/Zaxis Travel 150.0/415.0/230.0mm Tank Capacity 50L
Lubrication Lubricant Motor 25W
A.T.C System OD Tools Main Spindle 6 Max. Pressure 15kg/cm2
ID Tools Main Spindle 4 Tank Capacity 2 Liter
Tool Shank Size 20.0mm
Boring Bar (main) ER-20/20.0mm
Motorized Tool Index Time 0.3sec(one)/0.6(full)
Number of motorized tools 6 Tools (3 Axial,3 Radial) Coolant System Coolant Motor Type 2HP coolant ; 4T5-5 hight pressure coolant
Speed 4000rpm(Max.) Coolant Tank Capacity 160L
Size ER-20 Machine Size Length/Width/Height 2000/1500/1900mm
Max.Drilling Dia. 12.0 mm Weight 2750kg
Max. Tapping capacity M10 X P1.25

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