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CNC Turret lathe | T8

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Twin spindle / Plus / Classical

This new series offers the best conditions for challenging turning or milling operation and is designed primarily for heavy duty turning/milling operation with great mass production efficiency.

The T8 series offers three combinations for varieties of mass production given better access to the turret and 8” or 10 “ chuck and also efficient chip removal.

Twin spindle

This series packed with sub spindle and BMT turret with 12 stations which can be additionally equipped with driven tools on six stations. In connection with the driven tools, the main spindle is C-axis functional for accurate positioning.


The feature of the T8 classical with the addition of a total independent 2 axis tailstock system for running 2 programs simultaneously.

In some cases, cycle time can be reduced upto 50%


The standard slant-bed machine packed with servo turret with 12 stations and programming tailstock.

It offers the great cost-performance for efficient turning operations for chuck parts.


The guide ways are rectangular box section to maintain rigidity in prolonged operation. This high rigidity structure ensures high machine dynamics and superior machining accuracy.

Furthermore, all the axes equipped with 32mm diameter C5 class high precision ball screw, mounted with double ballscrew support bearing ( P4 class), assures high positioning accuracy and backlash free transmission.


Mitsubishi Controller M70
Machine Type T8-Classical T8-Plus T8-Twin spindle
Spindle Capacity Spindle bar capacity 60mm/75mm(OPTION)
Swing over Bed 500.0mm
Swing over cross slide 300.0mm
Max. cutting diameter 300.0mm
Hydraulic pressure-mix/max 5/30 kgf/cm2
Collet chuck size KK6-185E60B
Spindle nose ISO(DIN)A2-6
Sub-Spindle Capacity Sub-spindle bar capacity ---- ---- 30mm
Collet chuck size ---- ---- 6" 3 jaw chuck or KK5-173E/ 42B
Spindle nose ---- ---- ISO(DIN)A2-5
Spindle bore ---- ---- 30.0MM
Travel X axis Travel 230/460 mm 230/460 mm 230mm
Z axis Travel 400mm
Z1 axis Travel ---- ---- 385.0mm
Axes X axis ball screw Φ32 x P10
X axis linear guide way 35.0mm
Z axis ball screw Φ32 x P10
Z axis linear guide way 35.0mm
X & Z rapid feed 20m/min
A.T.C system Turret/ Tools number Servo Turret/ 12 tools $1:12 stations with live tools(BMT system) ,$2:4 tools 12 stations with live tools(BMT system)
Tool shank Size 20mm
Drilling holder Size ER-25/16mm
Motor Main Spindle Mitsubishi AC Servo 11kw
Sub-spindle ---- ---- Mitsubishi AC Servo 3.7kw
X axis Servo Motor Mitsubishi AC Servo 1.5kw(B)
Z axis Servo Motor Mitsubishi AC Servo 1.5kw
Coolant pump motor 4T3-3
Hydraulic pump motor 2 hp
Chip Conveyor Motor 1/4 hp
Accuracy Position / Repeatablity 0.005mm/0.005mm
Tailstock Tailstock quill dia 70.0mm ---- ----
Tailstock travel 400.0mm ---- ----
Quill taper/ travel MT4/50.0mm ---- ----
Coolant System Max. coolant presure 5 kgs
Max. coolant flow 65 L/min 65 L/min 67 L/min
Lubrication System Tank Capacity 2 Liters
Pump pressure/ flow rate 15 kgf/cm2 / 100cc/ min
Machine Size Length "2350 mm/3250 mm"
Width / Height 1650 mm/1750 mm
Weight 3750 kg 3800 kg 3950 kg

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